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At The River, we desire to establish friendships that last a lifetime! We meet every Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  On Sunday mornings, we provide refreshments in our coffee area and  serve coffee, donuts, bagels, and fresh fruits. We invite you to come early and enjoy this great time of fellowship!



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The River is actively involved in social media. Facebook is a great online place to connect with friends and family. The River’s Facebook group page offers frequent updates on what’s going on at the church. Every week, church events are posted. Don’t forget to check yourself in! Like us on Facebook. (Click on word to be redirected to our Facebook)


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Tweets are regularly sent from The River. You can expect tweets about our upcoming events and scriptures or thoughts of the day. Pastor Billy Pate tweets his sermons points during the Sunday morning message.                                     Follow us on Twitter. (Click on word to be redirected to our Twitter)



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We post pictures of what is going on at The River, from back stage preparation to big events.

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